Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Bill Hemmer & Andrea Tantaros Take Down Michael Meehan, Praise Palin

Bill Hemmer and Andrea Tantaros point out that, win or lose, Palin’s endorsement helped HoffmanThe jerk Michael Meehan not having anything substance to say, attacks the governor. with ignorant crap, Hemmer & Tantaros take him apart .

Foxnews November 3 2009

Note to Mr. Meehan.
1) In line with all your Liberal friends, it seems you have never actually read Palin’s Facebook posts. Had you, you would have known that it’s twitter that is restricted to 140 characters not Facebook. I guess it’s OK to attack her positions without even reading them or knowing what they are.

2) Governor Palin hasn’t used Twitter for over 3 month now.

3) Governor Palin’s book will be out next week and she’s going to make lots of money. Read it and weep. Well, that’s if you can handle anything more than 140 characters.

4) “Quit Making Things Up” it just makes you look stupid.


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