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Media Roundup on Governor Palin's Wisconsin Speech

K. Carpenter over at Conservatives4Palin, attended the event and writes an insider’s report. It's a great report.

Governor Palin left us with these words: "Don’t ever let anyone tell you to sit down and shut up!”

Not to worry Governor, I am not the sit down and shut up kind of person.

Great news to all of you Sarah Palin fans out there... the governor is rested, looks great, fired up and ready to rock. Her book tour is going to be a lot of fun. I cannot wait to see her again at a book signing.
Read the whole thing here

Uffda, a C4P regular, also attended the event and writes her account here.
The first thing she did was ask if there were any soldiers or veterans in the audience and asked us to give them a round of applause. My dad is a vet. Then she asked them to stand while we observed a moment of silence for the victims of the shooting at Fort Hood. She said she'd be prayin' during that silence. Two of the soldiers killed were from Wisconsin.

After that she started off like she always does, making connections to Alaska. First up, her grandmother was born in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Secondly, she gave a shout out to Greta van Susteren. She said she's never been around Greta where she hasn't heard her singing Wisconsin's praises. Greta, of course, is from Appleton, Wisconsin.
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From AP
Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin told about 5,000 supporters in Wisconsin to continue to press lawmakers on abortion issues.

Wisconsin Right to Life officials say Palin's low-profile stop in the Milwaukee suburb of West Allis on Friday night was more than a year in the making.

Palin told the crowd they "went rogue" -- a reference to her upcoming memoirs -- with their support of the cause.

She didn't mention President Barack Obama by name in her 25-minute speech, but briefly touched on health care reform legislation and pressed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to make sure all voices were heard on the issue.
From the Milwaukee Journal
The speech marked Palin's re-emergence on the national scene. The event was emceed by WTMJ-AM radio personality Charlie Sykes. The Journal Sentinel purchased a ticket to cover Palin's speech.

Security was tight at the Wisconsin Exposition Center. Spectators were told beforehand that prohibited items included cell phones, recording devices, video and still cameras, as well as strollers and car seats. A line stretched across the length of the facility and out to a parking lot as spectators waited patiently to pass through security.

Once they got inside, spectators didn't have to wait long for what they came for - Palin's speech. The address began with Palin asking for a moment of silence to remember those killed in Thursday's shooting rampage at Fort Hood in Texas.

It's hard to believe, but Palin is still something of a national newcomer, only a few years removed from her stunning rise from relative obscurity in Alaska to the Republican Party's 2008 vice presidential nomination.
The whole thing here

From Time
Highlights of Palin's Friday Night Remarks

- She is still starting her speeches with a slew of local references (especially about sports), just as she did during the campaign.

- She talked about both the birth of her son with Down Syndrome and her teenage daughter's unplanned pregnancy as life-changing events that moved her away from "the edge" into "walking the walk."

- She still likes Fox's Greta Van Susteren and Laura Ingraham more than the New York Times.

- She is trying to build a core of backers (and book buyers...) called "Sarah's Rogues."

- She's still using tough language about the opposition; she said all people who support keeping partial-birth abortion legal are either "cold-hearted extremists" or "cowards."

- She will rely more on historical references than she did during the campaign (mentioning Friday by name several early feminist leaders, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, and Pope John Paul 2).

- She will mock President Obama, focusing on his promise of hope and change.
Jonathan Martin at Politico
The line to get into the venue here stretched over a half-mile outside the building and a local conservative talk radio station even marked the event by printing t-shirts that welcomed her to the city, noted the date of her appearance and deemed her: “America’s Conservative Conscience.” The anti-abortion group that hosted the event sought to raise money by including pledge cards on every chair that included an offer to become part of “Sarah’s Rouges” by giving $1,000 to the group in exchange for an autographed copy of her forthcoming memoir, “Going Rogue: An American Life.
Obviously Martin finds a way to criticize the Governor, what else do we expect from him?

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