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Happy Thanksgiving


Sarah Palin: Happy Thanksgiving

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Over three hundred years ago, a group of settlers fleeing religious persecution decided to set a new course for human history in a new frontier. Those early pioneers chose a rocky shoreline to establish their way of life. Centuries later, America continues to set the example of what can come from a free and hardworking people. We truly remain the shining city upon a hill that the colonial leader John Winthrop implored us to be.

What started as a small colony in the territory that would eventually become the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has progressed into the greatest and most prosperous nation in history. Americans remain the freest people on earth because of our cherished Constitution and the system of government it establishes.

We have so much to be thankful for. We should recognize especially the sacrifices made on our behalf by those in uniform. Thousands of Americans will be spending Thanksgiving overseas in combat zones in order to protect our liberty and way of life. We should give thanks to those who willingly put their lives on the line for the rest of us. Where would we be without them?

We are also thankful for what God has granted us. We are truly blessed in America with rich natural resources, plentiful energy sources, fertile land, beautiful cities, and the talented and industrious people we call “our fellow Americans.” We pray that God will continue to bless us.

In his farewell address to the nation, President Reagan reminded us that “all great change in America begins at the dinner table.” Thanksgiving is an opportunity to discuss where we are as a nation at this moment in our history and where we should be heading in order to remain prosperous and free. Take time to discuss these things with each other, and take time to teach the young people in your family about our nation’s history so that they may never forget all that we have to be proud of and thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

- Sarah Palin


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Governor Palin "Going Rogue" Interview Roundup

A roundup of all Governor Palin's "Going Rogue" interviews in order of air date

Barbara Walters Interviews Governor Palin (ABC November 17-20 2009)

Rush Limbaugh Interviews Governor Palin (November 17 2009)

Governor Palin on Mark Levin Show (Nov 18 2009)

Governor Palin on Hannity Show (November 18 2009)

Governor Palin on Hannity (Foxnews November 18 2009)

David Brody Interviews Governor Palin (CBN News November 18 2009)

Governor Palin on Bill O'Reilly (Foxnews Nov 19-23 2009)

Governor Palin on the Laura Ingraham Show (November 19 2009)

Governor Palin on the Dennis Miller Show (November 20 2009)

Governor Palin on Greta (Foxnews November 23 2009)

Governor Palin on KTUU (KTUU November 23 2009)

Governor Palin on Fox & Friends (Foxnews November 25 2009)

In part 2 of this playlist, the sound is missing for 4 seconds at the 2:44 minute mark. After part 3 in this playlist, there is an alternative part two with the missing sound corrected, albeit low video quality.”

Governor Palin on the Lars Larson Show
(December 3 2009)

Governor Palin on Rusty Humphries Show (December 3 2009)

Governor Palin on the Laura Ingraham Show (December 10 2009)

Governor Palin on the Bob & Mark Show
(December 11 2009)

Governor Palin on the Eddie Burke Show
(December 11 2009)

Governor Palin on the Tonight Show (NBC Dec 11 2009)

*The Oprah interview is not available due to Harpo Productions copyright regulations.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sarah Palin: Congress Never Ceases to Amaze

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Really? A tax on national defense? I hear liberal Congressional proposals and I, like most Americans, wonder if they’re serious. We’re going to put a price tag on security?

With Congress and President Obama spending money on everything at breakneck speed, it’s interesting that they are only now getting nervous about spending – but only when it comes to providing the necessary funds to complete our mission in Afghanistan. They don’t need a new “war tax” to fund a strategy for victory in the war zone. They simply need to prioritize our money appropriately.

I find it telling that the Pelosi-Reid Congress is only cost-conscious when it comes to our national defense. Scary. Nonsensical. Unacceptable.

- Sarah Palin


Governor Palin on Greta (UPDATED)

THis playlist will be updated tomorrow after part 2 has been broadcast:


Sarah Palin: More "Going Rogue" Book Tour Photos

Via Facebook

Met many wonderful Americans yesterday in Alabama and North Carolina (including some of our brave men and women in uniform at Ft. Bragg) and today in Florida. I also got a chance to chat with Greta Van Susteren along the way. Please enjoy the photos below!

- Sarah Palin


Jackie Mason: Why the media is out to destroy Palin


Monday, November 23, 2009

Governor Palin On O'Reilly - Full Interview

This playlist includes the complete interview.


Sarah Palin: US Troops Must be Second to None

Via Facebook

Can’t wait to meet our troops – and all those who love the U.S. Armed Forces – tomorrow at Ft. Bragg. Read my book’s dedication page. The book is for these Patriots who fight for freedom. They deserve our support and our government’s unwavering commitment to equipping them for victory.

The book tour is beyond all expectations. This feels like the time when a team comes together, gearing up before a major competition to show unity and supply strength and encouragement to each team member equally, regardless of the team member’s role or title.

On this tour I hear the grave concerns Americans have for our children’s future. I also feel the hope so many of you want to cling to – hope for those on Capitol Hill to see the light, hope for politicians to be humble enough to acknowledge that growing the federal government isn’t the answer to our economic challenges, hope that it won’t take another terrorist strike to wake us up to continued threats by those who hate America and our allies.

At every stop on this tour I see Americans coming together to say, “Enough. We love our country too much to just sit down and shut up while politicians take us for a ride. We shall be heard.”

We see a united team.

Now, I want to give you more hope: We are Americans. Anything is possible in America. Anyone can make a positive difference. You don’t need a title or a political position or a pedigree. We can take our country back from those who think growing national debt will grow prosperity for us, the little guys. We can take it back from those who think shrinking military power will make the homeland safer for us, the little guys.

We can take it back because we’re fired up, and we’re all about telling our government to listen to us, trust us, get back on our side… or politicians: you’re fired.

Plunging our country deeper and deeper in debt; borrowing billions from foreign countries; relying on foreign nations to supply us with energy; talking about sanctions against dangerous regimes but not following through; hesitating to surge aggressively to stop terrorist strongholds from growing; allowing government to take over health care, banks, the auto industry, and who knows what else they’ve got up their sleeves... it’s all too much and we’ve had enough.

Ronald Reagan knew it took a united team to right the wrongs of Washington. He told his team in essence, “Gentlemen and Ladies, I hate inflation; I hate taxes; I hate terrorists. Do something about it.”

America, you’re doing something about it! Thank you for standing up and speaking out. Thank you for holding on to hope, for loving America so passionately and supporting our troops who fight for freedom. Keep the faith!

- Sarah Palin

PS: Please continue to follow the tour’s progress by following me on Twitter at SarahPalinUSA. We'll be adding some photos from the tour shortly. Check back here.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

You might be a chauvinist pig if ...

By Nicole Coulter

With Governor Sarah Palin's book tour in full swing, we're noticing the recurrence of Palin Derangement Syndrome, but more specifically, a particular strain of PDS we like to call ... CPD(Chauvinist Pig Disease). It is particularly virulent, and pops up on message boards everywhere on the net. To assist those, especially enlightened progressives, who fear they might be suffering from the malicious illness, we've assembled a helpful guide to the most common symptoms:

You might be a chauvinist pig if ....

You supported Howard Dean enthusiastically in 2004, a man who ran a state with 40,000 fewer people and 60 times less land mass than Alaska ... but you think Sarah Palin is unqualified to run for president because she governed a small state.

You might be a chauvinist pig if ....

You voted for Bill Clinton and thought he was qualified despite the fact that Arkansas' state budget was six times smaller than Alaska's $14 billion ... And you think Sarah Palin has no executive experience.

You might be a chauvinist pig if ....

You voted for Dr. Utopia/Barack Obama after he spent just 150 actual days in the U.S. Senate ... but you think Sarah's 675 days running Alaska is an automatic disqualifier.

You might be a chauvinist pig if ....

You think Obama's part-time job in the Illinois state legislature was more important than Sarah Palin's full-time job managing the city of Wasilla.

You might be a chauvinist pig if ....

You hate Hillary Clinton, too.

You might be a chauvinist pig if ....

You think Sarah is stupid for saying "You betcha" but don't have a problem with Obama saying "Wee Weed Up."

You might be a chauvinist pig (and first rate imbecile) if ...

You're more concerned with Bristol's pregnancy than energy independence.

You might be a chauvinist pig (and hypocrite) if ...

Obama voting "present" 130 times as a legislator doesn't bother you, but Sarah's resignation after accomplishing 95% of her policy initiatives does.

You might be a chauvinist pig if ....

You can't stop yourself from clicking on every single article about Sarah Palin and commenting just so you can demean her, mock her state, question her intelligence, and trash her family while claiming ludicrously that she is "irrelevant."

Sufferers from CPD should immediately leave their caves and join the 21st Century.


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