Thursday, November 05, 2009

Thursday Morning Video: Palin on Beck Debut Show (January 2009)

Glenn Beck has had an unexpected appendix surgery and he will be off the air this week. While he recovers we find it appropriate to bring you this video today.

Today’s video is dedicated to Glenn. We wish him a quick and full recovery.

Get well soon Glenn!


In case you missed it: Palin on Beck Debut Show
Credits: LandofDaFree
Sarah Palin was interviewed by Glenn Beck, January 19 2009, his first show on the Fox News Channel. Beck became emotional while introducing Governor Palin and recounted the first time he learned about her. Beck has a special needs child of his own.

Beck asked her about President Barack Obama, his administration, and supporting the President. He asked her if she feared there was a global effort to discredit capitalism. Beck was also curious about the last time she went to a Wendys drive-thru and ordered a Frostee on her own.

In a new feature called Meet the People, Beck asked questions submitted by viewers. Palin was asked how people that are not independently wealthy can get involved in politics and how having a special needs child has changed the way she governs.


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