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Larry Kudlow On Palin's NRO Article

Larry Kudlow on his radio show (October 17 2009) Discusses Governor Palin's NRO Article

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Governor Palin Talks Energy

Listen to Governor Sarah Palin talk about energy and America's dependence on foreign oil.
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Governor Palin NRO Article


Friday, October 16, 2009

Stroller Rolls Off Platform, Hit By Train. Baby Alive

The following clip is not at all Governor Palin related but it's an amazing stroy. Definitely worth a post.

In Melbourne, Australia. A baby stroller rolls off a platform and is run over by a train. Baby escapes with just a bump on its head.

There sure is someone watching over us up there!


Governor Palin NRO Article

Governor Palin writes in National Review today.


Petroleum is a major part of America’s energy picture. Shall we get it here or abroad?

By Sarah Palin

Given that we’re spending billions of stimulus dollars to rebuild our highways, it makes sense to think about what we’ll be driving on them. For years to come, most of what we drive will be powered, at least in part, by diesel fuel or gasoline. To fuel that driving, we need access to oil. The less use we make of our own reserves, the more we will have to import, which leads to a number of harmful consequences. That means we need to drill here and drill now.

We rely on petroleum for much more than just powering our vehicles: It is essential in everything from jet fuel to petrochemicals, plastics to fertilizers, pesticides to pharmaceuticals. Ac­cord­ing to the Energy Information Ad­min­is­tra­tion, our total domestic petroleum consumption last year was 19.5 million barrels per day (bpd). Motor gasoline and diesel fuel accounted for less than 13 million bpd of that. Meanwhile, we produced only 4.95 million bpd of domestic crude. In other words, even if we ran all our vehicles on something else (which won’t happen anytime soon), we would still have to depend on imported oil. And we’ll continue that dependence until we develop our own oil resources to their fullest extent.

Those who oppose domestic drilling are motivated primarily by environmental considerations, but many of the countries we’re forced to import from have few if any environmental-protection laws, and those that do exist often go unenforced. In effect, American environmentalists are preventing responsible development here at home while supporting irresponsible development overseas.

My home state of Alaska shows how it’s possible to be both pro-environment and pro-resource-development. Alaskans would never support anything that endangered our pristine air, clean water, and abundant wildlife (which, among other things, provides many of us with our livelihood). The state’s government has made safeguarding resources a priority; when I was governor, for instance, we created a petroleum-systems-integrity office to monitor our oil and gas infrastructure for any potential environmental risks.

Alaska also shows how oil drilling is thoroughly compatible with energy conservation and renewable-energy development. Over 20 percent of Alas­ka’s electricity currently comes from renewable sources, and as governor I put forward a long-term plan to increase that figure to 50 percent by 2025. Alaska’s comprehensive plan identifies renewable options across the state that can help rural villages transition away from expensive diesel-generated electricity — allowing each community to choose the solution that best fits its needs. That’s important in any energy plan: Tempting as they may be to central planners, top-down, one-size-fits-all solutions are recipes for failure.

For the same reason, the federal government shouldn’t push a single, uni­versal approach to alternative-powered vehicles. Electric cars might work in Los Angeles, but they don’t work in Alaska, where you can drive hundreds of miles without seeing many people, let alone many electrical sockets. And while electric and hybrid cars have their advantages, producing the electricity to power them still requires an energy source. For the sake of the environment, that energy should be generated from the cleanest source available.

Natural gas is one promising clean alternative. It contains fewer pollutants than other fossil fuels, it’s easier to collect and process, and it is found throughout our country. In Alaska, we’re developing the largest private-sector energy project in history — a 3,000-mile, $40 billion pipeline to transport hundreds of trillions of cubic feet of natural gas to markets across the United States. Onshore and offshore na­tural gas from Alaska and the Lower 48 can satisfy a large part of our energy needs for decades, bringing us closer to energy independence. Whether we use it to power natural-gas cars or to run natural-gas power plants that charge electric cars — or ideally for both — natural gas can act as a clean “bridge fuel” to a future when more renewable sources are available.

In addition to drilling, we need to build new refineries. America currently has roughly 150 refineries, down from over 300 in the 1970s. Due mainly to environmental regulations, we haven’t built a major new refinery since 1976, though our oil consumption has increased significantly since then. That’s no way to secure our energy supply. The post-Katrina jump in gas prices proved that we can’t leave ourselves at the mercy of a hurricane that knocks a few refineries out of commission.

Building an energy-independent Amer­ica will mean a real economic stimulus. It will mean American jobs that can never be shipped overseas. Think about how much of our trade deficit is fueled by the oil we import — sometimes as much as half of the total. Through this massive transfer of wealth, we lose hundreds of billions of dollars a year that could be invested in our economy. Instead it goes to foreign countries, including some repressive regimes that use it to fund activities that threaten our security.

Reliance on foreign sources of energy weakens America. When a riot breaks out in an OPEC nation, or a developing country talks about nationalizing its oil industry, or a petro-dictator threatens to cut off exports, the probability is great that the price of oil will shoot up. Even in friendly nations, business and financial decisions made for local reasons can de­stabilize Amer­i­ca’s energy market, since the price we pay for foreign oil is subject to rising and falling exchange rates. Decreasing our dependence on foreign sources of energy will reduce the impact of world events on our economy.

In the end, energy independence is not just about the environment or the economy. It’s about freedom and confidence. It’s about building a more secure and peaceful America, an America in which our energy needs will not be subject to the whims of nature, currency speculators, or madmen in possession of vast oil reserves.

Alternative sources of energy are part of the answer, but only part. There’s no getting around the fact that we still need to “drill, baby, drill!” And if those in D.C. say otherwise, we need to tell them: “Yes, we can!”
Excerpt also posted on Governor Palin's Facebook page


Why Palin Mania Won't Die

Formar George W Bush Speechwriter Matt Latimer writes
(h/t thepalination)

Love her, hate her, or fear her, there is something undeniably mesmerizing about Palin's continuing appeal. She quits her job as governor—some might say erratically—and supporters applaud her courage. She writes a book no one has read, and it’s a bestseller before it hits a single Barnes & Noble.

I was a latecomer to understanding the Alaskan's allure. Fourteen months ago, I was working in the Bush White House when John McCain released Palin from political obscurity. So unknown was she that President Bush joked that he thought she was the governor of Guam. His own political savvy having often been underestimated—or is that misunderestimated?—Bush predicted that the governor and her family had not been prepared for the political Katrina that was about to hit them.

Despite the bruising she took from the Katie Courics and Tina Feys of the world, Palin’s appeal among rank-and-file GOPers never weakened. (To conservatives, scorn by the media is even considered "a badge of honor," if I may quote Dan Quayle.)

At the White House, staffers who never warmed to John McCain embraced Sarah Palin with surprising ferocity—high-fiving each other upon her selection. One senior official printed up bumper stickers reading, "Vote for the hockey mom."


Palin isn't going away (at least not yet) because in her own way she represents what Barack Obama represented for many Democrats: someone who stands apart from the corrupt and cynical Washington system that has let true believers down. Republicans remember that Palin stood up against the crooked Republican establishment in Alaska—while out-of touch GOP senators in Washington actually applauded Alaska's crony-in-chief, Ted "Bridge to Nowhere" Stevens, after he was booted out of office amid scandal. (In April, a federal judge dismissed the ethics conviction of Stevens, based on evidence of misconduct by prosecutors.)


So in the meantime, Tina Fey should keep her makeup ready and her writers primed. Sarah Palin will be with us for a while, the "first dude" proudly at her side. GOP graybeards many gnash their teeth. But they have no one to blame but themselves. After all, they were the ones who put forward the gritty Alaskan they are so tackily trying to put down.
Read the whole thing here


Only 43 Percent Would Vote To Re-Elect President Obama. Fox News Poll

From Foxnews

In what may be the ultimate job rating, 43 percent of voters say that they would vote to re-elect President Obama if the 2012 election were held today, down from 52 percent six months ago, from April 22-23, 2009.

Obama's job approval rating comes in at 49 percent this week. That's down just one percentage point from late September, but it marks a new low approval for the president -- and the first time the Fox News poll has measured his approval below 50 percent.

Moreover, the number of Americans saying they would vote to re-elect President Obama has dropped. If the election were held today the poll finds more voters say they would back someone else in the 2012 election than would back the president.

Despite winning the Nobel Peace Prize last Friday, the latest Fox News poll finds the president's ratings on foreign issues are lower than his overall job ratings. All in all, 49 percent of Americans say they approve of the job President Obama is doing and 45 percent disapprove. His average approval for the term so far is 58 percent.
Doug Brady's take an C4P
A 43% re-elect number is startling...and ominous news for the president. In many respects the "re-elect" number is a more accurate depiction of political support than an overall approval number. Another item of note in the poll is this:

Finally, in a rare example of bipartisan agreement, majorities of Democrats, 53 percent, Republicans, 78 percent, and Independents, 61 percent, agree the country is more divided these days. All in all, 64 percent of Americans think the country is more politically divided today -- that's more than twice the number who say it is not more divided, 31 percent.

Why is this noteworthy? The latest fashionable meme among Democrats and the infamous "GOP insiders" is that Governor Palin shouldn't be the 2012 nominee because she is "polarizing". Hmmmmm... The above numbers tell me somebody is polarizing and, given that Governor Palin is not the president (yet), it isn't her. Today's Rasmussen poll has Obama's overall approval down to 48%, which indicates that the Fox News - Opinion Dynamics poll's 49% overall approval is not an outlier.
More here and here More poll data here


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kimberly Guilfoyle: Gov. Palin Believable, Genuine and Authentic

While discussing Obama’s leadership, Sean Hannity, S.E. Cupp & Kimberly Guilfoyle compare the presidents numbers with those of Gov. Palin.

Kimberly Guilfoyle Explains: “Sarah Palin is very powerful in terms of the people that believe in her they find her to be Genuine, Authentic and I feel that they believe they know who she is and what she stands for and they see leadership in her”


Governor Palin for President?

Via C4P From Colorado Springs Independent by Pam Zubeck

You betcha!, says a federal political action committee based in Colorado Springs.

David Kelly's home office in Briargate is a typical middle-aged guy's hideout. It has a computer, two desks, books stacked floor to ceiling and maps on the walls. But at the foot of one desk sit a couple boxes filled with buttons and bumper stickers promoting Sarah Palin as a 2012 presidential candidate.

The full-time library district worker spends up to 20 hours a week collecting money and mailing political paraphernalia as part of his federal political action committee's effort to persuade Palin to run.

The 2012 Draft Sarah Committee is the only one of its kind registered with the Federal Election Commission, but it actually represents the second effort by locals to elevate the former Alaska governor's political profile.

Adam Brickley, a former Peyton resident and political science graduate of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, set up a blog in early 2007 to push Palin for vice president, and made the talk-show circuit after her selection in August 2008.


"She's not part of the Beltway," Kelly explains. "She's a mother who got angry one day and decided, 'I'm going to do something.' She's real. She truly is telling us from her heart what she wants to do, rather than what party officials are dictating to her.

Randy Highsmith, the committee's chairman, saw a story on the Web about the committee and volunteered to organize from Florida. He raves about Palin in an e-mail: "Palin excited me and many other conservatives due to her proven and consistent conservative stances." He notes she's pro-life, pro-business and favors oil drilling in Alaska wilderness.


"Sarah Palin is an outstanding leader," Mims says in a phone interview. "She has the values and morals to lead our country in a positive direction."

Kelly says Palin is "careful" not to communicate with his PAC, although the group's New York-based spokeswoman has met her. He adds that he's not doing this to build his own political career; in fact, Kelly has other interests, such as learning how to play bagpipes, and looks forward to cleaning up his home office and declaring "mission accomplished."

"The day she announces," he says, "our job is done."

David Kelly and daughter Shannon, looking ahead. (Debra Kelly)

More here


Hannity reports on the upcoming announcement by Gov. Palin on her new political group “Stand Up for Our Nation”


Steve Schmidt Defends Palin Pick

From Arkansas News

[T]he top strategist for Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign defended the decision to pick Sarah Palin as McCain’s running mate.

Former McCain adviser Steve Schmidt praised Palin during remarks at the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service, despite having said earlier this month that a Palin presidential nomination would be “catastrophic” for the GOP.

“I believe to this day that had she not been picked as the vice presidential candidate, we would never have been ahead — not for one second, not for one minute, not for one hour, not for one day,” Schmidt said today.

Schmidt said the former Alaska governor has “great talents,” and putting her on the ticket generated enough excitement to transform the race. Other circumstances worked against McCain, however, he said.

“We were three points ahead on Sept. 15 when the stock market crashed, and then the
election was over,” he said.

Asked after the talk if he stood by his recent critical comments about Palin’s viability as a presidential candidate, Schmidt said he did.

“I said what I said on the 2012 (race). … I said what I said today,” he told reporters.
More here

Bret Baier on Foxnews reports


Big Sales Expected for Palin Memoir

From WSJ

Sarah Palin's memoir, "Going Rogue: An American Life" will likely be a mega-seller when it hits bookshelves next month, a shot in the arm for the book business and perhaps also for the former Alaska governor's unorthodox political career.

Harper, an imprint of News Corp.'s HarperCollins Publishers, said it has received media inquiries from major TV and radio talk shows and is teeing up a major promotional schedule. "Going Rogue" has an initial print run of 1.5 million copies, the same number at the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy's memoir, "True Compass."

"Right now it's our top preorder online," said Kathryn Popoff, vice president of trade books at Borders Group Inc. "They may feel one way or another about her, but they will want to read about her."


Fascination with Ms. Palin could turn her into a gold mine for retailers. In a season crowded with new books from leading authors, many stores expect "Going Rogue" to be a hit...


"It's going to be a No. 1 best-seller, the hottest book in the country when it comes out," said Edward Ash-Milby, a buyer for Barnes & Noble Inc. "She has a lot to say, and a lot of people will want to hear it."
More here


Bill O’Reilly and Jane Skinner take on Letterman

How about it David? While the whole country reads Governor Palin’s bestseller book, you go and try out those “fun” things you suggest.


Palin Plans New Political Group

From WSJ

Sarah Palin fans can expect to see a new Palin political organization surface as her memoir, “Going Rogue: An American Life,” hits the shelves next month.

“There will be an announcement about it coming up,” Palin associate Tim Crawford said Wednesday.

The New York Post reported this week that Palin’s new group will be called “Stand Up For Our Nation.” (News Corp. owns both the Post and The Wall Street Journal as well as HarperCollins Publishers, publisher of Palin’s book.) Crawford, who is treasurer of Palin’s existing political-action committee, SarahPAC, refused to provide any details about the new organization’s purpose or structure.

But Palin supporters say the former Alaska governor and last year’s GOP vice presidential nominee is eager to keep the public’s attention, even as she rakes in big earnings. “She wants to continue to be in a position to help causes dear to her heart and help people close to her,” said Fred Malek, a former fund-raiser for Sen. John McCain. Unlike many who were at McCain’s side during the 2008 campaign, Malek remains on friendly terms with Palin.
More here


GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Embraces Palin!


As it turns out, there is a GOP gubernatorial nominee in 2009 who thinks Gov. Palin is an asset. Not in Virginia, not New Jersey - but let's not forget that the Northern Mariana Islands are also electing a Governor this year.

And guess who's picture is front and center on the website of GOP nominee Heinz Sablan Hofschneider? I'll give you a hint, it's not Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Tim Pawlenty, or Newt Gingrich.

More here and here


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Governor Palin: Birthday Wishes to Margaret Thatcher

From Governor Palin's Facebook

I would like to extend warm birthday wishes to Margaret Thatcher today. Baroness Thatcher continues to remain a role model to many people, particularly women, around the world. Her career is a collection of "firsts." She was the youngest female Conservative Party member to stand for election in history, she was the first woman to hold the title Leader of the Opposition, and she was the first woman to become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

As Prime Minister, she took an active role in defending economic freedom and democratic ideals. Her push to privatize British industry and lower tax rates led to a substantial economic expansion in the United Kingdom. She was just as influential in foreign policy. Along with President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II, Prime Minister Thatcher recognized the evil of Communism and worked tirelessly to erode the power and influence of the Soviet Union.

Her life and career serve as a blueprint for overcoming the odds and challenging the "status quo." She started life as a grocer's daughter from Grantham and rose to become Prime Minister - all by her own merit and hard work. I cherish the accomplishments of Margaret Thatcher and will always count her as one of my role models.

- Sarah Palin


Shut Up, If you're smart, that is.


Monday, October 12, 2009

"Going Rogue" book cover outakes

A selection of other shots taken of Governor Palin by Photographer John Keatley during the photo shot for the cover of the number 1 bestseller “Going Rouge”


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