Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Victoria M. DeFrancesco Soto: Palin killed two birds

Victoria M. DeFrancesco Soto writes on Politico Arena

Sarah Palin killed two birds with one stone in opposing Dede Scozzafava – she knocked out a potential rival and threw a bone to her fans.

Palin’s opposition was less about Scozzafava “blurring the lines” but more about her potentially blurring Palin’s glitter as a female GOP leader. Palin is a big fish in a small female GOP pond. In the 111th Congress there were only 17 Republican women in the House, less than half the number of female Democratic House members (46). Palin is closing the circle, both for moderate and female candidates.

Palin saw too much of herself in Scozzafava – starting out as a city trustee, then mayor, then moving up to a state elected position. Substantively, Palin saw Scozzafava’s superstar potential and she didn’t like it. If elected to a national office could Scozzafava’s next move be one for the executive branch? This was one gamble Palin wasn’t willing to take. Scozzafava leaving the race has a wide range of political implications. However, one that is not at the forefront, but is key to understanding the larger dynamic of the party is the role of women for 2010, and most importantly 2012.
Sorry Ms. DeFrancesco Soto, but you’re way out there.

Palin saw too much of herself in Scozzafava? Which planet have you just landed from? Being a trustee and mayor doesn’t qualify a person for national office. Governor Palin is nothing like Dede Scozzafave. Palin stands for something, Scozzafave, as now evident, stands for nothing.

Conservatives don’t seek Governor Palin’s leadership because she’s a woman. Support for Palin comes from what she stands for and for what she believes in. Governor Palin endorsed Doug Hoffman because she foresaw what we all now know about Scozzafave. If Governor Palin was ever worried about the larger dynamic of the role of women in the party, Dede Scozzafave surly never was and never will be one of Palin’s concerns.


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