Friday, October 16, 2009

Only 43 Percent Would Vote To Re-Elect President Obama. Fox News Poll

From Foxnews

In what may be the ultimate job rating, 43 percent of voters say that they would vote to re-elect President Obama if the 2012 election were held today, down from 52 percent six months ago, from April 22-23, 2009.

Obama's job approval rating comes in at 49 percent this week. That's down just one percentage point from late September, but it marks a new low approval for the president -- and the first time the Fox News poll has measured his approval below 50 percent.

Moreover, the number of Americans saying they would vote to re-elect President Obama has dropped. If the election were held today the poll finds more voters say they would back someone else in the 2012 election than would back the president.

Despite winning the Nobel Peace Prize last Friday, the latest Fox News poll finds the president's ratings on foreign issues are lower than his overall job ratings. All in all, 49 percent of Americans say they approve of the job President Obama is doing and 45 percent disapprove. His average approval for the term so far is 58 percent.
Doug Brady's take an C4P
A 43% re-elect number is startling...and ominous news for the president. In many respects the "re-elect" number is a more accurate depiction of political support than an overall approval number. Another item of note in the poll is this:

Finally, in a rare example of bipartisan agreement, majorities of Democrats, 53 percent, Republicans, 78 percent, and Independents, 61 percent, agree the country is more divided these days. All in all, 64 percent of Americans think the country is more politically divided today -- that's more than twice the number who say it is not more divided, 31 percent.

Why is this noteworthy? The latest fashionable meme among Democrats and the infamous "GOP insiders" is that Governor Palin shouldn't be the 2012 nominee because she is "polarizing". Hmmmmm... The above numbers tell me somebody is polarizing and, given that Governor Palin is not the president (yet), it isn't her. Today's Rasmussen poll has Obama's overall approval down to 48%, which indicates that the Fox News - Opinion Dynamics poll's 49% overall approval is not an outlier.
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