Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Media Roundup: Governor Palin's Book Tour Debut (November 18 2009)

Governor Palin on Mark Levin Show (Nov 18 2009):
h/t ugafish17

Governor Palin on Hannity Show (Nov 18 2009):
h/t ugafish17

The Lines at Gov Palin Booksignig Grand Rapids MI (WZZM13 Nov 18 2009):

Palin Draws big crowds As Book Tour Begins (FOX17 Nov 18 2009):

Governor Palin Signs Books In Grand Rapid MI:

Hundreds Cheer Palin For Book Tour (WOOD TV8 Nov 18 2009):

Gov Palin in MI On Start Of Book Tour (WOOD TV8 Nov 18 2009):

Going Rogue Debuts in Michigan (MSNBC Nov 18 2009):

Greta Wraps Up the Hannity Interview (Foxnews Nov 18 2009):
Greta shows highlights of the interview, reports on the crowds in Grand Rapid, MI. Also talks to Anita McBride regarding sexism for women politicians in general and Governor Palin in particular.

On O'Reilly, Dennis Miller Previews His Interview With Governor Palin (Foxnews Nov 18 2009):

O'Reilly and Tanya Reiman on Gov Palin's Interview (Foxnews Nov 18 2009):
Body Language expert Tanya Reiman looks at the governors reactions during the O'Reilly Interview.
O'Reilly: Do you believe that you are capable could do the job of President of the United States:
Gov. Palin: I believe that I am, but that's not to say that Im putting myself out there to campaign or anything else for such a thing.
O'Reilly: No, thats not to say that, but do you believe that you are smart enough, incisive enough, intellectual enough to handle the most powerful job in the world, do you believe that?
Gov. Palin:
I believe that I am, because I have common sense and I have. I believe, the values that are reflective of so many other Americans.

Obama: I Wish Governor Palin Well (Foxnews Nov 18 2009):
Though the president won't read Governor Palin's book, he says he wishes her well, says it look like she'll be doing very well without her "readership". Well, Mr. President, maybe you should read it. Something tells me he will at some point


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