Sunday, November 15, 2009

Foxnews (November 15th) Palin Discussions Roundup; Updated: Geraldo: Sarah Palin Is Getting the Last Laugh

O’Reilly Previews His Interview With Governor Palin
What’s he going to ask her? What’s hot and what not? On Fox & Friends Bill O’Reilly shares what he plans to talk to the Governor about:

Sen Mitch McConnell: "You Betcha" Sarah Palin HAS A Political Future
Senator Mitch McConnell tells Chris Wallace he's not going to give Governor Palin advice, but that with the following Governor Palin has, she has any political future she wants:

Liz Cheney on "Going Rogue"
Cheney: The book is well written, common sense and not all about the campaign. Cheney says Palin is a serious candidate for President in 2012:

Bill Kristol: Palin Wouldn't Bow
on Obama's bow to the Emperor of Japan. Bill Kristol's comment is priceless:

Shannon Bream Talks To Chris Wallace about Gov. Palin's Upcoming Book

Geraldo: Sarah Palin Is Getting The Last Laugh
When Geraldo calls out the AP, you know they are in trouble.

Geraldo, Ann Coulter, Kimberly Guilfoyle and Al Sharpton discuss Governor Sarah Palin’s upcoming book “Going Rogue”.

Sharpton: Palin candidacy helps the Democrats (Yeh right, that’s why they are going out of their way to destroy her).

Asked by Geraldo, What about the argument that she doesn’t have the chops for national office? Ann Coulter simply responds: That’s what all the Democrats said about Reagan.

The discussion goes on to talk about Governor Palin’s shout out to Hillary Clinton.


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