Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Going Rogue" Media Roundup (November 17th)

Barbara Walters Interview's Governor Palin:
Playlist Includes all segments of GMA, WorldNews and Nightline (November 17 2009)

Rush Limbaugh Interviews Governor Palin: (h/t) Ugafish17's

Fox & Friends Discuss the Release of Going Rogue and Governor Palin's Interviews:

Bill O'Reilly: The Sarah Palin Fear Factor:

Bill O'Reilly, Monica Crowley and Alan Colmes On "The Palin Fear Factor"
Alan hasn't read the book, has no clue what's inside, yet thinks he's qualified to review it. You almost feel sorry for him, trying to push the talking points without really knowing what they are:

O'Reilly previews his interview with Governor Palin. A look behind the scenes:

Hannity talks to Frank Luntz On Governor Palin's Interview's and what is it that attracts people to her:

Hannity, Dana Perino and Stuart Varney On The Media Attacks Against Governor Palin:

Hannity Great American The Panel: John Fund, Vince Flynn & Doug Schoen Discuss Governor Palin's Potential Future:
John Fund: Palin Is Different, Believable and Fresh
Doug Schoen: Sarah Palin is Genuine
John Fund: Sarah Palin is the only consistent Republican

Kevin Madden on Governor Palin's Interview Rollout's:


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