Thursday, November 12, 2009

K. Carpenter: Quit Making Things Up: Jonathan Martin

Kathy Carpenter writes for C4P regarding the made up "Coin Controversy"


The only reason that I can think of that Politico or anyone else would actually believe that Governor Palin was implying that the coin problem was Obama’s fault was because she used the word “change” as she led into her story.

Perhaps Politico actually missed the actual theme of the entire night. The theme for the entire night was changes that have taken place in this country when it comes to the pro-life movement. This country is no longer siding with the abortion movement. A recent Gallup poll shows that 51% of Americans are now pro-life and only 42% are pro-abortion.

This is a change, a real change, not just a political slogan.

Moments before Governor Palin stepped out on stage, the pro-life attendees were treated to entire presentation on the real changes taking place in this country. Barb Lyons, the head of Wisconsin’s RTL and the night’s MC of the evening Charlie Sykes, both spoke about the incredible changes. Following the same theme, Governor Palin also spoke of the changes taking place.

The only reason anyone would believe Politico’s way of thinking is if they actually believe that the word “change” can no longer be used by anyone accept the President Obama and the Democrats.

I understand that President Obama used the words “hope” and “change” as his campaign theme. Does that really mean that the word “hope” and “change” cannot be used by anyone else? Do President Obama and the Democrats now own the word “change” and no one else can use it?

Common sense thinking Americans recognize that many a campaign slogan have used the words “hope” and “change”. Americans are smart enough to recognize that President Obama did not invent the word “change”. Americans are also smart enough to know that President Obama and the Democrats do not own the word “change”.

Since the birth of this nation, hundreds of thousands of candidates have run on the theme of “change”. President Obama did not invent the theme. It is the most commonly used political theme in our nation’s history.

Clearly, Politico’s reaction to Governor Palin’s speech is the typical angry lefty reaction to a woman they hate. They took a snippet of Gov. Palin's speech and used it to attack her. The problem is that it is a lie.

Read the whole thing here it's a must read


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