Sunday, November 08, 2009

Aaron Linskens: Palin speech highlights principled Right

Aaron Linskens writes at The Badger Herald

In front of about 5,000 people at the State Fair Park, Palin expressed how important it would be for advocates to continue to press lawmakers on abortion issues. This gathering of supporters was organized as a low-profile affair where there would be no media coverage of the event. Palin notably commended Wisconsin’s fervent anti-abortion movement that has consistently influenced state legislation over time.


Palin put her short 25-minute speech on a more personal level when she brought up her son Trig, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome while he was still in the womb. Many might wonder why Palin continues to publicly mention her family in the wake of slander by newspapers, magazines and talk-show hosts. Perhaps it is because she individually maintains more integrity than the entire state-run media ever will.


All in all, Palin’s speech was more of a rally than a possible beginning of a political campaign. Her words emanate the notion of ideological purity through adherence to morality. Opponents characterize her speech as colloquial, and they denounce her as a quirky, uneducated woman who has no business in politics. But people who tend to criticize a speaker’s demeanor tend to be ignorant of the facts. When they don’t have a legitimate counterargument using concepts and ideas, they resort to vilifying peripheral aspects to discredit the figure’s reputation.
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