Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Morning Video: Foxnews (November 12th) Palin Discussions Roundup

Bill O’Reilly announces Governor Palin will appear on his show on Thursday November 19th:

Meghan McCain Bill O'Reilly & Gretchen Carlson on the medias double standard towards Women in general and conservative women in particular:

Bill Bennet: "Governor Palin has loads of talent" and is most popular person in the Republican Party. Hannity has read The Governors Book and is sworn to secrecy:

Matthew Continetti, Author "The Persecution of Sarah Palin" Talks to Hannity about his new book:

Hannity's "The Great American Panel" with Bernard McGuirk, Andrew McCarthy and Caroline Heldman discuss the media bias against Governor Palin and her future:


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