Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hillbuzz: Palin Magic

From Hillbuz

...[O]ur little ears shot up when we heard the guys talking about Sarah Palin…and Levi Johnston posing nude in Playgirl (or is that online for Playgirl, as the magazine doesn’t really exist anymore).

We braced for another round of Palin hate from low information fops, as is standard operating procedure in Boystown. Instead, we were treated to something unexpected


...[S]omething magical happened today…these guys actually, without knowing it, established a new boundary in their irrational hate.

Unlike Reagan, unlike Bush, unlike Gingrich, with Palin there’s consideration for her as a person, as a mom, as a grandmom, even if it’s totally subconscious and unacknowledged. Read what those guys said…they don’t like Palin, but they think Levi Johnston is a jackass for allowing himself to be used as a weapon against the woman who did so much for him. There’s a quiet, almost silent, empathy for Palin entwined in that.

These guys won’t vote for her. They’ll keep making fun of her, keep repeating things Tina Fey says about her, and will try to browbeat everyone they know not to vote for her in 2012…but there is a line there that the Left can’t cross with Palin.

There was no boundary with Bush. There remains none with Reagan. In Boystown, you could dress up as Bush or Reagan and have someone pretend to rape you in the street and people would cheer. As sick as that is, it’s true, and the twisted minds in Boystown could probably come up with a lot worse.

We don’t know what the boundary lines are with Palin, but the reaction to Johnston proves they exist – while also showing even low information fops know the MSM is behind the attacks on her, looking for patsies to use in their scripts, telling them what they need to say to damage Palin.
Read the whole thing here it's good


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