Wednesday, October 28, 2009

C4P: CNN's Bias Agenda

Joshua Livestro writes for C4P


On a whole range of personal qualities, Gov. Palin posts very healthy positive scores. She's considered 'not a typical politican' by 65 percent (65-34), 'a good role model for women' by 64 percent (64-35), 'caring about the needs of people like you' by 56 percent (56-43), and 'honest and trustworthy' by 55 percent (55-43). In a 50-50 nation like today's America, even her scores for 'shares your values' (49/49), 'agrees with you on issues you care about' (48-50) and 'is a strong and decisive leader' (47-51) were pretty decent. The only one that stands out negatively ('qualified to be president') is the one she can't really do anything about - well, not until she announces whether she intends to run for president. Until she does, most people will simply not see her through that lense, meaning her score is likely to remain relatively low. Given CNN's overall agenda, is it any suprise that they decided on this one for their headline?

Read the whole thing here.


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