Thursday, October 29, 2009

C4P: DNC Hacks Attack Palin

From C4P By TommyReport

The timing of this attack suggests that the DNC is perturbed by the fact that regardless of how American adults view Governor Palin's qualifications for the presidency at the moment, a good majority of American adults view her as "honest and trustworthy" and as "someone who cares the needs of people like you." Her strong showing in these "character traits and qualities" categories (categories with which Republicans typically struggle) provide her arguments against Obamacare extra credibility.

This move from the DNC surprises me for two reasons: 1) the timing is interesting considering that it has been awhile since she's made the statements that concern the DNC and 2) ultra DNC hacks Hari Sevugan or Brad Woodhous weren't on the e-mail.
The DNC attack video:


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