Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sarah Palin: Stimulus Bill Anniversary Proves Not-So-Stimulating

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One year ago today, President Obama signed a nearly trillion dollar stimulus package and handed our children the bill. What did we get for that massive price tag? Many promises, but the promises have proven false. On this stimulus anniversary, Washington needs to hear our message that Americans expect, and deserve, better.

Americans were promised the stimulus would keep unemployment under 8%. It’s now well over that. We were promised it would be targeted and pork-free. It’s been loaded with pork, corporate giveaways, union bosses’ goodies, and other manners of waste. We were promised there would be no fraud, but our government now tells us it can’t even verify the eligibility of people applying for the $325 billion worth of stimulus tax provisions. We were promised there would be strict oversight, but billions of dollars apparently were allotted to congressional districts that don’t even exist. We were promised it would provide “green jobs” for Americans, but 80% of the $2 billion they spent on alternative energy went to purchase wind turbines built in China! We were promised it would help state governments weather the recession, but states receiving the stimulus bait will be in worse fiscal shape now because local governments will be on the hook for new unfunded mandates and continuation of government programs they couldn’t afford in the first place – as many of us governors warned state legislatures.

One year later, we see plainly that the stimulus was not a well-thought out plan. It hasn’t revived our economy; instead the debt-ridden package will prove to be a drag on our economy. It hasn’t put us on the path to a better future; instead it’s unfairly mortgaged our children’s future and stolen opportunities from them. It hasn’t strengthened us; instead it endangers our freedom and security by making us even more beholden to foreign lenders. The legacy of the stimulus isn’t jobs or economic growth – it’s more dangerous debt.

But there is hope! And this hope lies in draining the swamp in D.C. and sending Commonsense Conservatives to Washington who understand the need for fiscal restraint. Those who are willing to rein in spending, respect Constitutional limits, and repeal the stimulus should get our support, and those who have been part of the problem should be replaced.

In this election year, we’ll see many daring Davids take on entrenched Goliaths. Just one of these many brave souls is a northern Wisconsin patriot named Sean Duffy. He’s running in Wisconsin’s 7th congressional district against a liberal Goliath who’s been in Congress over 40 years now and has the dubious distinction of being the author of the stimulus bill. To commemorate the anniversary of the signing of the stimulus, Sean Duffy is holding a fundraising “money bomb” for his campaign so he can replace the career politician who drafted this government-bloating behemoth.

If you’re frustrated about the waste in the stimulus bill, please support a solid fiscal conservative who will work to repeal it. Please visit Sean Duffy’s website and help him help us correct the mistakes of this past year.

On this first anniversary of the stimulus, let’s send a message to the big-spenders in Washington by helping Sean Duffy unseat the author of the stimulus. Let’s put government back on our side and get to work revitalizing America!

- Sarah Palin


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Governor Palin on O'Reilly Tonight


Sunday, February 14, 2010

PalinTV “Officially” Goes Live Today.

It’s official. PalinTV is now live. Many of you are already familiar with the site, which has been a work in progress as we have been working through development issues, site design, and other bugs. Today I’m proud to announce that we’re ready to go.

The site will contain most, if not all, of Governor Palin’s speeches, interviews, press conferences, etc. going back as far as we can to get a hold of the clips. The site already contains over 100 videos.

We are currently uploading videos from our archives on a daily basis at a rate of at least 3 per day. By the end of the month we should have a collection of nearly 300 videos.

The blog section of the website will contain all of the Governors writings and many interesting articles about the governor. In general, the site is not a news or commentary site but rather a site where people can get to know the governor in her own words. However, on a daily basis we will carry a top picks section which will contain links to all Governor Palin related stories of the day (realclearpolitics style).

We are continuously thinking of new ways to enhance the site. We also hope in the long run to be able to carry live feeds of Governor Palin speeches. Currently the site has a live stream of Fox news.

Now is the time to tell your family and friends about

You can also follow PalinTV on twitter @palintv


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