Sunday, February 14, 2010

PalinTV “Officially” Goes Live Today.

It’s official. PalinTV is now live. Many of you are already familiar with the site, which has been a work in progress as we have been working through development issues, site design, and other bugs. Today I’m proud to announce that we’re ready to go.

The site will contain most, if not all, of Governor Palin’s speeches, interviews, press conferences, etc. going back as far as we can to get a hold of the clips. The site already contains over 100 videos.

We are currently uploading videos from our archives on a daily basis at a rate of at least 3 per day. By the end of the month we should have a collection of nearly 300 videos.

The blog section of the website will contain all of the Governors writings and many interesting articles about the governor. In general, the site is not a news or commentary site but rather a site where people can get to know the governor in her own words. However, on a daily basis we will carry a top picks section which will contain links to all Governor Palin related stories of the day (realclearpolitics style).

We are continuously thinking of new ways to enhance the site. We also hope in the long run to be able to carry live feeds of Governor Palin speeches. Currently the site has a live stream of Fox news.

Now is the time to tell your family and friends about

You can also follow PalinTV on twitter @palintv


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