Saturday, October 24, 2009

Governor Palin And The GOP

Via C4P From Texas4Palin by Josh Painter

The media buzz today will be mostly about one aspect of the endorsement -- Sarah Palin distancing herself from her party. But she has also distanced herself from her potential rivals for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination, should she decide to seek it. Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee decided to play it safe, and neither made an endorsement in this race for a congressional seat in Upstate New York. Newt Gingrich -- in the words of the Grail Knight in "The Last Crusade" -- "chose poorly" by backing the liberal Republican.


With her endorsement of Doug Hoffman, Sarah Palin has taken a stand in solidarity with the gathering storm known as the grassroots movement in this country. The disaffected conservatives, conservative libertarians, common sense independents and blue collar Democrats (aka Reagan Democrats) who are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore always seemed to us to be former Governor Palin's natural base constituency. These are the the people who have turned out for TEA parties and Townhalls across the country, but there are many more of them who were not able to demonstrate, but feel the pain none the less. It's a big step for the 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate to take toward earning their trust as the national public figure who best voices their concerns.

As for the Republican Party, its establishment has refused for too long to listen to the rank and file, and now it has officially been put on notice by Sarah Palin. Hopefully, it will finally pay attention to the voices of the people.


Let us hope that Sarah Palin's bold move will make Steele, NRSC Chairman John Cornyn and especially NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions wake up and smell that conservative coffee being brewed throughout the land. Former Governor Palin may have just taken the first big step toward leading the Republican Party back to its Reagan roots. She has thrown down the gauntlet. Now let's see if she will pick up the banner and hold it so high that the troops will rally around it.

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