Monday, November 16, 2009

Foxnews (November 16th) Oprah Interview Roundup

Oprah Extra Time Segment: (Full interview will follow tomorrow)

Carl Cameron's Initial Reaction to Palin Oprah Interview:

Carl Cameron On - The Live Desk - Reports on Palin Oprah Interview:

Carl Cameron On Special Report Reports on Palin Book Release:

O'Reilly & Bernie Goldberg on Why the Left Hates Gov. Palin:

Bernie Goldberg on Media Coverage of Ft Hood
(Ironically all those in the media Bernie mentions who defended the terrorist are the same people who attack Governor Palin. That's says something doesn’t it?):

O'Reilly: "Going Rogue" Sets The Record Straight
Talking with Mary Katharine Ham and Ellis Hanican and debunks their claim that Governor Palin is whining. OReilly actually READ the book:

Dick Morris & Hannity On Governor Palin:

Hannity Panel: Dennis Prager, Bob Beckel, Noelle Nikpour on Governor Palin:
Noelle Nikpor: Every time I used to hear the name Sarah Palin I used to cringe, after watching her on Oprah I relly connected with her and got to know her. Palin is refreshing.
Dennis Prager: I would exchange Obama with Palin in a heartbeat.

Dana Perino On Gov. Palins Interview With Oprah
Dana Perino: Sarah Palin showed herself to be extremely gracious and you cant underestimate the power of graciousness. She goes after Newsweek for the botched cover. Greta announces shell have the Governor on next week:


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